Video for horticulture 

If  You Have A Farming Business, You Need Video

We are rooted in Meath and some of the best farm land surrounds us. Over the last six years we have been working with local farmers and we know that agriculture and food production is a sophisticated business and that is why our video production service for farmers is essential.

We have filmed local farmers working in fields, everything from ploughing, sowing seeds and harvesting wheat and even the milling of gain. We are experienced and that's what farmers want to know. We make engaging content so they can share the videos, showing to the world that they have a great business.

Our video production for farmers services include - Training Videos - Promotional Videos - Marketing Videos - Research & Development Videos and more. We can offer a video service tailored to your needs. We have delivered out standing videos that have blown our clients away.


Video production for farming



“The film you made is way up there. One of the lads could film something with an i phone, but you have an eye, God you guys have a talent !”

John Mooney

It makes total sense to document what you do and to promote your business. After all the years of building up the business now is the time celebrate it through the eye of the lens.