Video production for culture 

Video is a powerful tool for culture

Little Cloud Productions  is comprised of experienced curatorial and cultural producers with a wealth of knowledge, education and experience in the arts. This has left us equipped and attuned to the complexities, nuances and sensitivities involved in documenting cultural and heritage projects.

Lane's experience studying time based art in Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, brought about an awareness of the need for quality documentation of durational art and projects, or processes, which occur over time.

Trove- Irish Museum Of Modern Art

Video Really Works

Video documentation also serves as very useful support material for Arts Council funding submissions and grant applications


Video production for culture is increasingly becoming a major interpretive and/or documentation tool for any one aiming to represent a project or exhibition. We document talks, seminars & symposiums, produce curated exhibition interpretation, record artist talks & studio visits, and capture projects for archiving

Documenting using video 

Organisations and independent cultural producers alike benefit from documenting process richprojects, and other ephemeral works - which are often more about the exchanges and discourses that arise than they are about pre-ordained out-comes.

This work can be captured through video, which can be an indispensable tool for the evaluation process, and which then serves as a valuable archive and resource in its own right.

Video production for museums
Trove - Irish Museum Of Modern Art

Success Starts Here

It’s all to easy to lose the potential benefits of works and events because of poor or non-existent documentation.