Video production for business 

Video is more powerful than images for SEO


Imagine you are a high street shop with a medium amount of foot fall. You have a website and a social media channel but no video content. Compared to those that have a video on their website and regular video posts on social media... the difference is huge. People engage with video more than a photo and are - 66% more likely to take action! So it makes sense to have a moving image rather than a static one.


While YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google is the first. Adding video to your website can increase your search rankings on Google (and others like Bing and Yahoo) significantly. The truth is, adding a video to your website actually makes a first page Google result 50x more likely.


Social feeds (Facebook and Instagram, specifically) do a great job of showing only content that people want to see. And it’s getting harder and harder to show up there as a business. But that’s also why more and more video posts are showing up in people’s newsfeed and why, if you create video for social, you’ll be more likely to end up there, too. So video production for business makes total sense.

Video Really Works

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Business Video Production

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Video production for business is vital in this day and age. Businesses without any video content are most certainly going to be lost in google rankings. With video, the shop is always open. People can be watching your videos while you sleep and are engaging with your business. So it make total sense to have video for your business.

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