Some of our favorite work
Promo For Pita Pit Ireland

Pita Pit. over 650 branches

Custom Irish Tours new promo

New promo video for custom Irish tours.
Culture Night 

Brendan McCreanor & Sj McArdle
Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda
Shackletons new promo

Shackletons new promo for their new Gluten Free facility
Dark Over Light

A short film we made during storm Emma, "The beast from the east"
Ash & Boot Leather

A film about the Irish sport of hurling.

A promo film made for one of Irelands most famous flour mills.
Windmill Hill

An ancient Iron age henge on a par with the Hill of Tara
 John Corrigan 
Illustrator | Animator John Corrigan talks about animation practice
An Artists Promo 

A promo made for an artist preparing for an exhibition
Nicola Lane

Artist Nicola Lane makes a soap stamp  in preparation for an exhibition in  Bristol, Uk.

Dorothy Cross Selects from Ireland's National Collections

Interviews by Nicola Lane 

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