About Us




Little Cloud Productions is based just outside Dublin We are a Meath based video production service  producing effective and dynamic visual web content for anyone seeking to promote their project, enhance their web presence, capture an event, or tell a story.

We help you to get to the core of that story. Whatever your situation, our consultation sessions will help to draw a map of how the story will be visualised, helping you to tailor it to the relevant media platform for optimal impact.


What our clients say about us...

"I worked with Karl and Nicola recently to make a music video for a student of mine for a nationwide competition. They had some great ideas, were thoroughly professional in every aspect, and offered a great price. The video turned out great.... I had a very happy student, whose video resulted in her being shortlisted for the semi-finals! Thanks, Karl & Nicola!"

"Little Cloud  did some work for a feature film we premiered. Thier work and knowledge of the industry was invaluable. They made a huge difference to the film and I highly, highly recommend them."

"The film you made is way up there. One of the lads could film something with an i phone, but you have an eye, God you guys have a talent !"



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