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video strategies that get results

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Solving business problems with video

helping your business to grow

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Video Strategies That Get Results



Video is not just the most powerful marketing and sales tool of our era... applied strategically within your business video can free up time and energy - leaving you to focus your resources where they are needed
Through our consultation process, we will help to discover the areas where video can recover time and energy for you

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In-house video solutions for business
Save time & money by using well-placed video solutions to everyday problems within your business - we help you identify areas where video can free up your resources so you can use them where they are most needed

Video marketing/sales tools
Video is a fast and effective way to communicate and connect with your prospective clients. Show don’t tell - people trust what they can see - so video gives you the chance to build that essential trust

Targeted social media strategies
Video + social media = the perfect storm. The web offers the chance for your video to work 24/7 for you, bringing you and your message to an ever increasing audience even while you sleep. It’s like having a shopfront that’s open day & night

How it Works

In order to help us help you, we ask you to fill in our Discovery Form. This allows us to really get what you are all about, and what you need from us. It also helps us to see if you are a good fit for us - and us for you. With this information, we are able to hit the road running when we meet up - saving us all time and laying the groundwork for a meaningful and productive collaboration 

If we are a good fit, then we move on to the consultation - this is where we really get to he fine grain of what we can achieve for your business, and through careful planning and storyboarding we devise a roadmap for the project - translating your vision for your business into an action plan

At this point, we take that action plan and put it into effect. The video production process kicks into action - this is the really exciting bit… lights, camera, action time! After capturing the footage we need, we work our magic on it in the editing suite - still working with you through the review process, to really hone the message and polish the video 

Now you have your beautiful new video assets, it’s time to put them into effect. This is where we guide you in placing your videos so they will be best set to have the maximum impact possible - achieving the goals that you have for your project, producing real results for your business

We're All About Results

our customers success means everything to us

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What Our Clients Say...




“We were delighted to work with Little Cloud Productions on our recent company video.
Karl and Nicola listened carefully to our brief and fully understood what we wanted. They helped with the creative planning, the message and delivered an end product that was very professional and well received.”
Pita Pit Dublin

Pita Pit, Dublin John Nevin, Director, Pita Pit

“I worked with Karl and Nicola recently to make a video with a singing student for a nationwide competition. They had some great ideas, were thoroughly professional in every aspect, and offered a great price. The video turned out great…. I had a very happy student, whose video resulted in her being shortlisted for the semi-finals! Thanks, Karl & Nicola!”

Aine Mulvey Mezzo Soprano, Vocal teacher, Choral conductor

“The time with Karl and Nicola was so invaluable. They are clearly so passionate and real about film, media and storytelling.
I look forward to sharing the story of my company Equine Partnership and I know our story will be even better with them in it.
Thank you, Karl and Nicola, you made my dreams become reality, I can’t wait to see where this leads!”

Equine Partnership CEO - Equine Partnership

“I would highly recommend working with Karl and Nicola from Little Cloud Productions. They are very professional. From start to finish they conveyed exactly what I wanted to get across with my video. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karl & Nicola.”

Custom Irish Tours Derek Smith, Director, Custom Irish Tours
In St. Peter's Church Drogheda
Nicola in IMMA
Karl in IMMA

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